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Gil Everest - Massive





1983- Barely 4 years old and Gil is already playing the violin thanks to his parents who lead him to an early musical start. But very quickly, he realizes percussion is his game.

At the age of 8, after taking intense musical theory classes, he starts playing the tambourine. A year later, he finds himself behind a set of drums. Obviously a tambourine wasn’t enough ! This adventure lasted 3 years until Gil starts the guitar and the piano. As a young teenager -13 years old-, the Swiss DJ discovers nightlife by organizing birthdays, weddings, and school parties.

At 16, Gil lands his first DJ contract in a well known warm up bar in Lausanne, Switzerland. Simultaneously, he starts a radio DJ career at the local station (Rouge FM), an experience that is going to last for the next 15 years and open up his spirit to exciting and new perspectives.

2006 marks an important period in his musical career. After a week of vacation in Ibiza, and each night a different party : @ Privilege, @ Space, @ Pacha, @ Amnesia, @ Cafe Mambo and last, but not lease Subliminal Session with Erick Morillo @ Pacha, Gil is struck : The Subliminal Session by Erick Morillo with P.Diddy and the energetic ambiance that the dancefloor gives is the start of a whole new spark. He knows right then and there that this is the kind of energy he wants to bask in.

It’s then that he teaches himself to become a producer, working at least 40 hours a week to polish his techniques. « I always work on a 3 CD players and 3 analog filters. This equipment allows me to combine old school acapella versions with recent beats. I also play with all the effects given by my sophisticated equipment» explains Gil.

His style varies from house music to electronic music. We can safely say that each set of Gil Everest is an adventure that takes us to the heart of electronic music. His masters are Erick Morillo, Steve Angello, Seb Ingrosso, Axwell, Moby, Fat Boy Slim, Luciano and Daft Punk. His hard work combined with his very personal style have opened the doors of many venues throughout Switzerland such as Street Parade (Zurich).

But the DJ’s ambition doesn’t stop right here! In 2013, he started a production project and built a team of talented musicians. Gil is now ready to come out with the best dancefloor hits and 2015 should also bring exciting production.



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